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Should you have Feral Hogs Texas Apricide understands and is here to stop damages to your property and threat to your well-being.  Our objective is to remove Feral Hogs as fast as possible utilizing various strategies and types of equipment that does not contribute to property damage, in a safe manner.  Contact Texas Apricide, Feral Hog Abatement & Removal is the only service performed.






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Seasonal Summaries:

Summer 2013: Feral Hog reproduction rates are alarming. As there are no natural predators for the species, there is only pressure by natural factors that is influencing reproduction rates. For the summer of 2013, there has been a well below average rainfall. This short fall has resulted in a slight degree of reduction of population expansion.

There remains a very very simple fact. This problem is not going to resolve itself. Should there not be an increase of action resulting in the reduction of population, levels will continue to increase. It remains unchanged; ………………..this problem is not going to remedy itself.

During 2013 an increase of an existing problem is occurring. It is increasing where methods of control, specifically, the poisoning of naturally occurring water sources. This action is having secondary effects upon non-target wildlife. At this point it cannot be definitively determined if the poisoning of water sources by property owners is affecting a recent decline of the population density of Honey Bee’s. When comparing population densities and rate of change of Feral Hog population it is not seen where the poisoning of naturally occurring water sources is providing any control of existing Feral Hog population levels or a reduction of population growth.

The frustration escalates both with increasing Feral Hog population levels, and with the simple fact that there are numerous Abatement Service providers for Feral Hogs that a property owner may use where services are rendered at no charge to the property owner. It is encouraged that property owners contact any of these companies and begin taking action for the reduction of population levels of Feral Hogs.

It may seem odd that a Feral Hog Abatement Company is promoting its competitors. Texas Apricide does not consider what is thought to be its competitors as competitors. Were joining forces with other Feral Hog Abatement companies to expand our resources, broaden our service area, and reduce what is termed as window (driving) time, resulting in faster removal and increased catch & disposal rates of Feral Hogs.

It is an ecological nightmare, a war!

The Feral Hog outbreak can be resolved.

Help yourself, and your fellow Texans, contact a Feral Hog Abatement service provider.


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**UPDATE - A NEW WEAPON IN THE FIGHT!!** Texas A&M has implemented the ability to send data consisting of Feral Hog sightings, damage, locations, etc. This data is being compiled into a database to be utilized in the fight to overcome the Feral / Wild Hog infestation in the great lone star state of Texas. Below are two links to access an outline regarding this new tool and a link to enter data building a new tool in this long fight.

Please, help us to help you!

Texas A&M Agrilife Extension: Report Feral Hog Activity: http://feralhogreports.tamu.edu/public-report/

Texas A&M Agrilife Extension: Feral Hog Reporting Outline: http://feralhogreports.tamu.edu/

Images and Videos of the Snare Trap setup, and infield use.


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