Texas Apricide is a division of U.S. Services Inc. a privately held Corporation, formed in 2000, moved from Colorado to the great Lone Star State of Texas.Operating in southeastern Colorado it was realized that Texas had a significantly higher demand for our services.  With such high population levels, and alternative methods of Feral Hog disposal, Texas offered a unique ability to recover operation costs resulting that customers will be charged a minimal, if any service fees rendered within a specific area.  Having operated through cold high altitude Colorado winters, it was not difficult relocating to Texas. Owner Robert rendered Feral Hog Removal services in Colorado while prior experiences include Residential Housing, and Law Enforcement/Corrections.The objective operating Texas Apricide, within the Lone Star State, is to obtain *control of feral hogs followed by elimination of population from within Agricultural, Commercial, and Residential settings. 

With participation of Texans, *control of feral hogs and elimination of population will result. 

The more Texans that participate, the sooner this objective will be realized.Texas Apricide is committed to this objective 100%. Abatement and Removal is the only service offered while our Service Area continues to grow.

With mutual participation this problem can be resolved.

* Defined as the state at which population growth ceases.

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